En Memoria
When a loved one dies,
only the memory remains ...
En Memoria can help you to keep
that memory beautiful, pure and alive.


For the Deceased, the Story and for You.

In Memoriam

A En Memoria document is a page on the Internet about the life of a person who has past away. A document which will firstly show respect for the deceased - by it's design, the choice of photographs, films, audio clips and text. Built around a few pictures per period, of his or her life, each with their own story. Together with the year or date and the names of the people in it, for those who have not known them. Maybe something about a country with which the deceased had a connection, or a poem, or a passion.. A document full of beautiful, important or characteristic moments, which describe and characterize the life and person respectfully. With a permanent place on the Internet, a spot in history - to be found, viewed and read by everyone.

Your Grieving Process

Every grieving process is different, has other impacts. Sometimes it is wise to spare yourself, sometimes you just can't. So please tell us what you want, what you can handle and when. Weeks, months, or even years after the funeral you can still decide to have a En Memoria document created. And even if you've already made the decision, it does not have to be instantly. Perhaps we can put the mourning card online first, so that your intentions and the place on the Internet are already known. Then contact us when you are ready to start with the real memorial document.

Such a Document

You can do this. We can help.

Making Choices

It is not easy to put your own grief aside and browse through old family photos. But you don't have to do it all alone. We'll come by and help you select, and we listen and make notes. We are equiped to make a high quality copy of suitable pictures and photos right away. You won't have to miss any photos and your photo albums will remain intact. The text to accompany a photo is recorded or written down, so we can elaborate it afterwards and present you a complete and adequate concept of the En Memoria document. This, we trust, will minimize your trouble as much as possible.

In The Comfort Of Your Own Home

You don't have to go anywhere and you don't have to send anything. We will visit you and help you select the photos until we have a nice impression of all significant periods. That doesn't have to be very time consuming, and we usually gather more than enough in one session. Sometimes there are more people who have photos and information, and if you wish, we can go there too. Finally, and when you are happy with the result, we will place the En Memoria page on the Internet and help you to point it out to your family and friends.

We do more..

The En Memoria Document Will Remain.

Management is a Necessity

The internet is a place of which we know we can never do without. The millions of pages on the Internet have become very important in our economic and social life. However, the internet is certainly not immutable. After a few years an average web page is already slightly different, and in time parts may even become unreadable or unfindable. That is why we only use leading technologies and formats, and maintain and support the En Memoria page thereafter. This way the document remains the same on all major browsers and all sorts of devices, even if they do not yet exist. That we find respectful, to the deceased, and to you.

The Costs

The efforts, required to achieve the proper end result, can vary greatly. Therefore, it is very difficult to calculate a price or even an indication before the first contact. Nevertheless, we make a point of keeping En Memoria documents affordable for almost anyone. To cut on costs we have automated and standardized most practical and technical matters. Without any loss of quality or choices. After all, we want it to feel good for you, and as long as possible.


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